Three-wires DC Voltmeter 0-200V with Reverse polarity protection

Three-wires DC Voltmeter 0-200V with Reverse polarity protection
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Three-wires DC Voltmeter 0-200V w/Reverse polarity protection

  • Wide measurement range 0-200V.
  • Mini Red LED display.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Refresh speed: 500ms.
  • Snap on design for easy installation.
  • led colors:Red.
  • Refresh speed: about 500ms/each time.
  • Power supply:DC 4.5v – 28V. Working temperature: -10℃ – 65 ℃.


Wiring instructions:

  • Red line: power supply for voltmeter, you need access to positive power supply in the range of 4.5-30V DC
  • Black line: the common negative, both the power supply negative electrode, but also measurement of the reference negative
  • Yellow Line: measuring the signal input positive



The voltmeter need independent power supply, power supply range is DC 4.5-30V, powered access between the red and black lines,

Firstly the voltmeter shows 0.0, then you can put the yellow and black line in between to measur voltage.

Range of DC 0-200V

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