Dew Point Condensation Sensor HDS505 / SHS A4

Dew Point Condensation Sensor HDS505 / SHS A4
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Dew Point Condensation Sensor HDS505 / SHS A4 (Replace HDP07 & SD-1)

HDS05 condensation sensor size: 8 * 10 * 0.7 Unit: mm


· High humidity environment with high sensitivity
· Switch function
· DC voltage
· Fast response
· Ability of anti-pollution
High reliability, good stability


HDS05 condensation sensor is a positive characteristic switching components, low humidity sensitive only to high humidity sensitive in the DC voltage, stable quality, and reliability to meet international
Advanced level.


Electronics, pharmaceutical, medical, food, warehousing, tobacco, textile, meteorological condensation detection.


· Supply voltage: DC 0.8V (safety voltage)
· Operating temperature range: +1 ~ 80 ℃
· Humidity range: 1 ~ 100% RH
· Condensation test range: 94 ~ 100% RH


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