BC04 Wireless BT Bluetooth Transceiver Module RS232 TTL Master Slave

BC04 Wireless BT Bluetooth Transceiver Module RS232 TTL Master Slave
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BC04 is the most powerful currently available serial port Bluetooth module, the module uses Blue2.0, support master-slave mode, and supports hardware / software setup master-slave mode supports up to 29 AT commands and 9 automatic feedback command support baud rate 1200 to 1382400, 29 AT downlink the control command +9 uplink instruction for you to create the most powerful Bluetooth serial solutions!


  • TTL data transparent transfer between a host Bluetooth device.
  • Build-in CSR company Bluetooth chip BC417143.
  • Bluetooth specification v2.1 + EDR, USB v1.1/2.0 supported
  • Works with any USB Bluetooth adapters.
  • Default Baud Rate: 9600,8,1,n. support baud rate from 1200 till 1382400.
  • Coverage up to 30ft, 15meters.
  • Built in antenna.
  • Power input: +3.3VDC.
  • Mini Size, the core module size: 26.7mmx 13mm x 2.2 mm
  • Master or slave mode.
  • Working status indication, connected and non-connected state signal output, ease of the MCU module status tracking
  • Operating Current: Pairing: 2 to 10mA paired not communication: 5 ~ 6Ma communication: 20mA
  • Sleep Current: Sleep, but support for the low-power mode
  • For GPS navigation systems, utility meter reading systems, industrial field mining control systems.
  • Seamless connectivity with Bluetooth laptop computer and Bluetooth adapters, PDA and other devices


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