AD9850 DDS Signal Generator Module

AD9850 DDS Signal Generator Module
  • Product Code: SE-ED01-09-0010
  • Availability: Back Ordered - Available in 8-10 days


AD9850 DDS Signal Generator Module

  • 2 sine wave and 2 square wave output
  • AD9850: 0-40MHz
  • After the 20-30MHz frequency harmonics increases, the waveform will be less and less clean
  • Square Wave: 0-1MHz
  • Low-pass filter with 70MHz, so the waveform better than SN
  • Parallel and serial data input can be selected via a jumper
  • DA produced the benchmark pin (PIN12) leads for easy adjustment to do the magnitude of the output waveform Application
  • Comparator reference input voltage generated by the variable resistor, the resistor can be adjusted duty cycle square wave of different
  • Active AD9850 125MHz crystal oscillator modules



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