CH375 USB Interface Read Write Module

CH375 USB Interface Read Write Module
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CH375 USB Interface Read Write Module is a USB bus universal interface module, that supports USB-HOST Mode and USB-DEVICE/SLAVE Mode. It is convenient to link CH375 to control system bus of MCU/DSP/MPU.CH375 also provides serial communication in USB-HOST mode. It connects with DSP/MCU/MPU through serial input, output and interrupt output.

The USB-HOST mode of CH375 supports common USB full-speed devices. Peripheral MCU can communicate with USB device through CH375 according relevant USB protocol. The CH375 configures firmware of special communication protocol inside which can deal with Mass-Storage. Peripheral MCU can read and write general USB store devices (including USB HD, USB flash and USB flash drive) directly.


  • Full-speed USB-HOST interface, conforms to USB Specification Version 2.0, only needs crystal and capacitance external.
  • Full-speed USB device interface, compatible with CH372, supports exchanging USB-HOST mode and USB-DEVICE/SLAVE mode dynamically.
  • Input and output buffers of host endpoint occupy 64-byte respectively, supports common full-speed USB device with 12Mbps and low-speed device with 1.5Mbps.
  • Supports USB device control transfer, bulk transfer and interrupt transfer.
  • Detects USB device plug and unplug automatically and sends message to USB host.
  • Configures protocol processor control transfer inside to simplify usual control transfer.
  • Set up firmware of special communication protocol to do with Mass-storage. Supports Bulk-Only transfer protocol and USB storage device of SCSI, UFI, RBC and other equivalent storage device which accommodates the minimum set of command including USB HD, USB flash and USB flash drive.
  • Reaches MCU reads and writes the file of USB storage device through file layer subprogram in USB flash drive.
  • Parallel interface contains 8-bit data bus and 4 control wires i.e. read, write, chip select input and interrupt output
  • Serial interface embodies serial input, output and interrupt. Adjusts communication baud rate dynamically.
  • Source power is 5V or 3.3V, and low-power mode is supported.


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