AT24C256 EEPROM 256Kb Serial 2 wire I2C Module

AT24C256 EEPROM 256Kb Serial 2 wire I2C Module
  • Product Code: SE-DE01-09-0262
  • Availability: Back Ordered - Available in 8-10 days


EEPROM can store data permanently unless you erase, and won’t be lost when power off. Normally Arduino kind of only have 512 bytes data space, it may be sufficient for your requirement, and you think a gigabyte SD card is too much. That's when  this 256Kb EEPROM will be very suitable for small mount of data storage.



  • Imported chip, chip above the underlying code: 2ECL capacity of 256kb
  • Onboard chip AT24C256 chips;
  • Onboard I2C pull-up resistors are included for communication;
  • All pins are leads and marked;
  • PCB board size: 36.5 (mm) x12 (mm)

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