TCS230 TCS3200D Color Recognition Sensor Module with wide angle lens

TCS230 TCS3200D Color Recognition Sensor Module with wide angle lens
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This module use TCS3200D, which is the upgrade version of TCS230D. TCS3200 is a static object color detect chip, it can output different frequency base on different color, and then MCU can read the RGB color via frequency collection and conversion. We provide arduino demo code is already finish the conversion from frequency to RGB value, users only need to make few modification to use it directly. The prototype developing process can short rapidly.

Demo code will do the white correction very time before starting in order to gain relevant RGB parameters, and then users can start color detection by reading the RGB value or the color of RGB LED, etc.


  • On-board the TCS3200 color sensor
  • With  removable wide-angle lens, can identify a large area or a small area of the object.
  • Support 3V-5V voltage input
  • Chip pin all already leads pin standard 100mil (2.54mm), convenient for dot matrix board design
  • With four bright white LED can illuminate the object which does not emit light itself. Controllable light-emitting tube.
  • S1 S2 S3 S4 can be the pull-up or pull-down resistors on board.
  • Two 3mm mounting screw holes spacing 16.5mm
  • PCB Size: 23mm X 30mm

Note: Please make sure light source is constant, do not move or change it, it’s better to test in close environment.

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