DHT11 – Humidity and Temperature Sensor

DHT11 – Humidity and Temperature Sensor
  • Product Code: SE-ED01-09-0045
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DHT11 – Humidity and Temperature Sensor


  • Dimension 28mm*12mm*10mm
  • Main chip DHT11 huminity sensor
  • Voltage: DC 5V
  • Digital output
  • Humidity Range: 20—90%RH
  • Humidity  accuracy: ±5%RH
  • Temperature range: 0—60℃
  • Temperature accuracy: ±2℃

Temperature and humidity measurements are a nice addition to many hobby projects.

The four-pin device uses a 1-wire protocol. It’s a snap to connect to your project, requiring VCC, GND, and a pull-up resistor on the single data line. We’ve already seen it used on at least one project, and hope to see more of this little guy in your own hacks.


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